Double Panic Bolt Set (Rebated)
Double Panic Bolt Set (Rebated)

Double Panic Bolt Set (Rebated)

Brand: Exidor
Product Code: KE.3762
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Double, Three Point Locking Panic Bolt KE.3760 range consists of a verical panic bolt, rim latch and a mortice nightlatch operator.  Each product is operated by a horizontal push bar, which when pushed in a downward arc wthdraws either the bolt or the latch, releasing the door for immediate escape in the event of an emergency.


  • Three point locking for extra security
  • Anti-thrust device, prevents unauthorised retraction of the latch bolt
  • Suitable for use on single and double door applications
  • Self-handed - will suit both left and right handed doors
  • Optional models available including pullman latches, alarmed and manually dogged (hold open) functions
  • Metal door variant available with metal door strikes and machine screws, KE.3760EM
  • Anti-thrust devices - prevents unauthorised retraction of the latchbolt
  • Finishes                                   SIL, GLD, RAL COLOUR

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